Online Guitar Lessons

These private guitar lessons consist of live webcam instructions with Dani Vargas.
To have access to these classes, you must have these minimum hardware requirements:

  1. Skype Account
  2. Internet Connection with Broadband Cable/DSL Speed Minimum
  3. Microphone for you and your guitar or separate connection for voice and instrument
  4. Webcam and your Guitar

Before starting any lessons, we recommend scheduling a free test web session to be sure connection and hardware are compatible. This test is free and will not be included in your first lesson bill.
If you would like to discuss lessons or have further questions please contact Dani at


  • 1 one hour lesson: $45.00
  • 2 one hour lesson: $80.00
  • 4 one hour lessons: $150.00
  • Paypal fees are included

Due to the fact that Dani’s audience is located all over the world we ask that you please fill out the form below, so that we are able to better assist you in scheduling the webcam lesson with Dani Vargas. 

Guitar Lessons request form
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